Companion Plates

2020 - 2021

In this series of pots, vessel form merges with vegetable silhouette. The altered rims are drawn primarily from photographs of lettuce plants that I grew during the summer of 2020. The image on the vessels surface is a plant that makes a beneficial neighbor to lettuce in the garden, a practice in sustainable agriculture known as companion planting. The time spent planning the spacing and timing of plants is one of the hidden labors of growing food. These plates capture one of the more significant considerations I make when planning my garden.  

Companion series lunch plate
Soda fired Companion lunch plateCompanion series lunch plateSoda fired companion plate
Companion series lunch plateCompanion series lunch plateCompanion series lunch plate stack
Companion series lunch plate side viewCompanion series lunch plate with black edgeCompanion series lunch plate close upCompanion series lunch plate side view