I was thrilled to be an invited participant in the handmade tableware event, “Pairing Elements: An Artful Dining Experience,” at The Bull and Beggar restaurant in Asheville, NC on March 3, 2014.

This winter, thirteen artists worked tirelessly to create elegant handmade tableware for a five course meal that was prepared by chef Matthew Dawes. Each course was assigned one of the four classical elements: earth, air, fire and water, with a bonus element of ice added to round out the meal. I wanted the graphic design of my plates to separate the space in a way that would be useful for plating, as well as become an abstracted reference to the movement of a flame. Here’s a small example of the 50 plates I made which are available for sale at this event.

Handmade Tableware at The Bull and Beggar

Plates by Lindsay Rogers and Josh Copus; Wine Glass by Kathryn Adams and Nick Moen; Spoon by Tina Councell; Postcard design by ODDS

Pairing Elements at The Bull and Beggar Postcard featuring Handmade Tableware

Bowl by Anja Bartels