A Refined Palette: Nourishing a Unique Approach to Color in the Ceramic Process

Posted on Apr 5, 2018

Please join me this summer for a workshop at Kutztown University from July 23 – August 3. During this course, artist Birdie Boone and I will spend two-weeks introducing students to the wild and beautiful world of color in the ceramic process. Our wonderful host, gwendolyn yopollo, writes of the event, “Spend two weeks immersed in the ceramics studio and engage with the raw materials of clay and glazes to craft a more confident approach to color in your artwork and in your classroom. In this studio intensive workshop, participants will learn to develop intentional color and surface through the manipulation of ceramic materials as well as commercial clays and glazes. Our two guest artists, Birdie Boone and Lindsay Rogers, will each share insights on creating expressive utilitarian work with an intentional color palette.”

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